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Michinori “Mike” Irikawa, Ph.D.• Of Counsel


Dr. Irikawa is an attorney registered in New York.  He works on patent matters and also counsels on intellectual property (IP) managements. 

Dr. Irikawa engaged in R&D of semiconductor devices for 20 years in Japanese industry.  Then he moved to IP field, where he has accumulated over 13 years of experiences.  For the first 8 years in IP field, Dr. Irikawa engaged in various assignments including IP creation, utilization, licensing, litigations and consolidation of IP managements of foreign subsidiaries in IP department of a Japanese company.  He managed IP project teams staffed by business divisions, R&D division and IP department.  

Later, Dr. Irikawa graduated from Franklin Pierce Law Center in 2008 (MIP/LLM).  Since then, he has practiced on patent prosecutions, drafting opinions on patent infringement, validity and enforceability at US patent firms.  Dr. Irikawa also participated in a project of a Japanese independent administrative agency for supporting overseas business development of mid/small sized Japanese companies from IP management perspective. Dr. Irikawa passed the USPTO patent agent bar.

Practice Highlights & Technologies

Technical background of Dr. Irikawa is applied physics, in particular focus on semiconductor devices and processes.  R&D experiences of Dr. Irikawa include semiconductor lasers for optical transmission and processes, compound semiconductor high speed devices and integration processes, silicon MOS/bipolar devices and integration processes, and hybrid-integrated circuits for wireless transmission.  Dr. Irikawa earned Ph.D. degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology by dissertation on a study of carrier dynamics in strained multi-quantum well semiconductor lasers in 2000.

His practice area includes semiconductor devices, optical devices, optical fibers and related devices, optical transmission systems, metallic alloys, batteries, and mechatronics components and control systems.