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Byung Ro Lee • Patent Agent


Mr. Lee has assisted partners with U.S. and non-U.S. matters, including drafting, filing and prosecuting patent applications in various technical areas including smart multimedia system, wireless/cellular mobile communication, signal processing, image processing, computer engineering, radio frequency, user interface, augment reality, digital and analog circuitry, file distribution system, automotive systems, ultra sonic system, semiconductor, semiconductor device fabrication, and construction materials.  In particular, Mr. Lee has over a decade experience for preparing, prosecuting and developing patent applications before the Korean Patent Office specializing in standard telecommunications including 4G LTE/3GPP wireless communications, IEEE, OMA technology, MPEC, H.264/AVC, H.265/AVC, and HEVC.

Mr. Lee earned Bachelor of Science degree from the Korea Military Academy, Seoul, Korea with a major in Electronic Engineering, and Masters of Science Degrees from the California State University, Los Angeles with a major in Electrical Engineering.

Mr. Lee used to be R&D engineer to develop wireless telecommunication devices such as  pager, 900MHz cordless phone, encoder system and Land Mobile Radio, and worked for over a decade at a major intellectual property law firm in Korea before joining the Firm.