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Won Jun Choi • Technical Specialist


Won Jun Choi is an Intellectual Property Specialist with extensive experience supporting patent prosecution, infringement/validity analysis, legal research, licensing and litigation matters. Most recently, he served as the vice president of a U.S Corporation known as the Patent Enforcing Company. He joined the firm, LLP in February 2014.

In Korea, Mr. Choi held a senior manager position at one of the Global Fortune 500 companies where he worked for over 16 years. His duties there included managing intellectual property activities, analyzing & litigating accused products, licensing negotiations, developing litigation strategies, and purchasing of Intellectual Property rights in the IT industry. Some of his cases ranked amongst the top 10 Patent Damage Awards of the year.

Practice Highlights & Technologies

His educational background includes:

  • IP Training Program in Washington DC, USA
  • B.S. in Electronics, University of Yeung Nam, Korea (1993)